The first post is the hardest

Why do this blog? To make myself write thoughts and process what I learn as I grow my ability as a developer. I plan to write, even if it’s small and even if someone else wrote a better post about what I learned.

Why public? I work for Automattic – a fundamentally distributed organisation who also make incredible Open Source software. We code in the open – you can find much of our code, issues and discussions publically so, why not learn to embrace that? Maybe someone will also learn something valuable along the way. Even if they don’t, I’ll still become a better blogger!

Edit: how could I forget – we’re pretty heavily about WordPress so why wouldn’t I blog with it?

I have no idea what I’ll post just yet so let’s enjoy the ride together. What I do know is that I plan to write a post at least once every month to start.

Also…this post was written using the “Introduce yourself (Example post)” posts that are on WordPress sites by default. Whoever came up with that – you are amazing.

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