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  • WordPress Post Formats and Gutenberg. Is it worth it?

    Let me save you time. The answer is, it depends, but I think it’s worth it. I love Post Formats, even though I haven’t always used them. With the WordPress Block Editor, they initially seem totally redundant. Let me make a case for why they still work really well together. A primer on Post Formats…

  • Experiments in Block Art

    Experiments in Block Art

    Playing around with methods for creating art using WordPress blocks only. These experiments all work best on desktop, although seeing how they respond on mobile is quite interesting.

  • Implementing SASS with Webpack – Part 1

    My CSV converter project that I’ve been working on is a test-bed for learning some key development workflows such as using Pull Requests, implementing JavaScript modules and one of the most useful of those – using Webpack to bundle project files. When I first started the project it consisted of the following files: index.html style.css…

  • TIL: Passing parameters to callback functions

    Today I tried to move an Event Listener callback function to it’s own module. It seemed simple enough. Take the following code example: app.js Now, my callback was a little more complex so it made sense to move to a module. The question then became why it didn’t work when I tried the following: app.js…